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            How to Create a Kala Wallet

            The first step to getting Kala is creating a Kala Wallet. In order to create a Kala Wallet follow the simple steps below: 
            1. Go to
            2. Select the ‘Sign Up’ option in the top right hand corner.
            3. Enter in your information. Make sure to use the same email that is registered to your Mintage Mining account. This will ensure that the two platforms will be connected.
            4. Select the ‘I’m not a robot’ box at the bottom of the page.
            5. Verify your email. A verification email will be sent to you that you must complete as soon as possible. The verification link will expire within 12 hours, and failure to verify within that time period results in the inability to log in. In the case that you do not verify in time, please let us know!

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