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            Kala Listings Registration Process

            1. Login to your Kala Wallet and click on Listings.

            2. Get KYC Verified. Location services must be turned on. Enter your personal information. 
            1. Your registration will be reviewed. If your registration is approved, you will have immediate access to Listings. 
            2. If your registration requires additional information, you will be required to fill out the Advanced KYC Registration (see step 3). 

            3. The Advanced KYC Registration will ask for proof of ID and proof of address. Some of the requested information will be the same. 
            1. Upload your proof of identification. You may upload your passport. Make sure your passport is valid and the file is clear.
            2. Upload your proof of address. You may upload a utility bill, government-issued identification which includes your address, or any other legal document which includes your full name and address.
            3. Image size must be under 3.5mb and greater than 500kb. File type must be jpg or jpeg format.
            4. You have 30 days to complete the Advanced KYC Registration. Failure to complete the registration within the allowed time will result in your registration being closed. 

            4. Once you submit your Advanced KYC Registration, your information will be reviewed. This step may take up to three (3) business days. In some cases, the review process may be longer. 
            1. If your Advanced KYC Registration is approved, you will receive a notification. 
            2. If your Advanced KYC Registration needs further information, we will contact you. 
            3. If you Advanced KYC Registration is denied, you will receive a notification.

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